The third Cambridge Bioinformatics Hackathon, organised by Dr Steven Wingett from the Babraham Institute’s Bioinformatics department, reached an international group of participants this time as it moved to a virtual format. The three-day event, which ran from 21st-23rd September 2020, brought together participants to improve their coding skills, develop a project, and network.

The 2020 Hackathon saw a wider range of interests and projects than ever before. Registrants for the event came from (in order from most to fewest): UK, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Bangladesh, Ghana, Italy, Ukraine, Egypt, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and South Africa.

At the end of the Hackathon, a small group of participants chose to present their work to the rest of the group. Since the event was online this time, we decided to record the presentations and make them available to everyone via our YouTube Channel.

We also asked participants to create slides summarising their respective projects. We subsequently submitted these to the F1000 Hackathon Channel.